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Our Florida State Certified Instructors are available for any learner drivers thinking of traffic school, driver education, and/or parents concerned about their teenagers learning the proper fundamentals to drive safely, correctly and especially, defensively. All sessions will only be conducted with one driver and one instructor as we believe this is the safest and most efficient way for new or veteran drivers to maximize their learning experience.

We specialize in training drivers who have just applied for or received their learners permit, have completed High School driving classes and are looking how to take their driving skills in traffic to the next level safely. We especially spend time to ensure parental involvement and follow-up to assure that training received is enhanced while they continue to gain experience with their parents.

We also provide FREE seminars for both parents and teens at regular intervals throughout the year. The purpose of the seminars is to raise driver and passenger awareness to driving conditions that they might otherwise not be prepared for. We place special emphasis on the current “epidemic” of texting and driving while helping students and parents understand ways to combat this needless source of family tragedy.

It is our sincere hope that all of our efforts will lead to a significant reduction in injury and loss of life while driving, not just in Sarasota, Florida but throughout our great nation.

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